Report following escape of Turnslo Ravian

Reportee: Tessarian Urien

Dated 04 Jamux, 17th year of the Age of Troubles. Sunfall.


Start time: 29 Novenus, 16th year of the Age of Troubles. Midday

From the half-year since the appointment of the 22nd group of emissaries for the Council has arrived back in Lokarri due to the apprehension of the fugitive Turnslo Ravian, fallen apprentice of a grand magus and suspected terrorist.

With much effort due to investigations and distance Turnslo was found in a set of ruins a few days travel outside of a large city in Losan. Note relative distance from Water Monolith.

Arrival back in Lokarri was without any event and was brought directly to the council for persecution. I made the request to attend the trial in a moon’s time. Therefore my colleagues and I decided to wait until then. From personal information it was noted that particular details were either incorrect or not exact but the sentence of the crime was justified. However, due to Ashura’s outburst it was noted that the trial was not ‘proper’. Approach, however, was improper.

Razimer and Jennlen were source of information leaks to the press. A disciplinary may be required regarding Council business with press.

The group decided to finish our business regarding Turnslo and await his publicised execution in order to be witnesses. However, the attempt to break out was expected but success was not. His accomplices are noted to be council affiliated and appears that the fugitive does still have loyal connections within the organisation.

The combat was not premeditated and the decision was made as a semi-calculated, pre-emptive attack once area spells were involved between the accomplices and the guards. My intent was to neutralise their mage so order could be enforced. Reasoning:

  • If the guard mage/captain was told to stand down theirs may not follow
  • Area spells can have unforeseen collateral effects on the surrounding environment
  • Taking down their mage provides leverage on our end, as the guard mage can be told to stand down while Turnslo’s accomplices can be negotiated to surrender
  • Taking down one individual minimises the overall impact of the event

It seems our group was poorly suited to the encounter and further tactical training would be required. Additionally, if Turnslo’s connections were to further strengthen I would recommend being better equipped, trained or the group being re-arranged to better suit what other future allies Turnslo may deploy.




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