Report to the Council

Requested report
Jennlen Graniteheart

As i am new to the 22nd group of emissaries for the Council i know little of what happened before i joined .

But after being told to join with the group by my elder and told what our mission was i followed the group as we were following the clues they had gathered before i joined .
After some time and dealings with others to find out where Turnslo Ravian was . we got a solid lead and went to discover if he was there after dealing with some dangerous wildlife and some traps . We encountered Turnslo Ravian and a few of his followers and captured him and made haste to bring him back to the Council.

After getting back to Lokarri Turnslo was dropped off for his crimes. And then the court proceedings with a bit of an uproar with one of our emissaries but that was quelled and Turnslo was taken for his punishment.

Me and the rest of the 22nd group of emissaries were in Lokarri gearing up to head out again and resting up for the night before we headed out when we heard the commotion and went to investigate. Guards were all over the place and as one of our members charged in Tessarian we all followed suit as they struck the first blow on us . So i defended myself by disarming them with my weapon until the fighting stopped. I think further training is need if not more discipline with your guards would have stopped this from happening in the first place.

Jennlen Graniteheart



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