We found a dragon

Then shit goes down

The Elf hmph! corrupting the Oreads to suit his master’s purpose would have been a genius plan. They caught me while I was asleep and chained me down in their cavern to mar my hide. It would of worked too but this group of people came and saved me before the corruption took hold.

I don’t trust them. Many have Elven blood and few venture this way and so soon after the druid it is curious, but alas I didn’t have a choice. I did not want to reveal my lair, nor did I want them to take my life.

I find them amusing. I have been among them a short time and I see the light of the surface among them. They fail yet get back up, find ways around and make their own successes, They could not climb a wall, so they used a spiked rope. Only to decide to go the other way.

I cannot believe that these mortals would save me. As I entered the door something attacked me. A creation like nothing I have seen. They healed me… I feel close to something down here.. I think I have figured it out, we just need to break the ring!



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