Council of Eleven


The council of Eleven was founded by the 11 strongest spellcaster, after the monoliths were deemed dangerous.. Each caster with their own school in magic and matching a monolith, except for the Anti-mage, he is there to keep them in line and be a tie breaker.

The tradition is upon the death of a grand caster the next in line(Usually an apprentice) is tasked to follow in his footsteps.


The council has many groups that they send on journeys, known as the Emissaries. While not innately magical, all of them have been drawn to the cause unable to see war or it’s results destroy the world.

It’s noted that becoming an Emissary is suicide, while you have hearth in most towns you are prone to dying to unnatural means.

Currently they are up to the 22nd group.

Council city Lokarri

Council of Eleven

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