Welcome to Itule.

This is a world of balance, where magic can change the tide of history if abused. The leylines on this planet run rampant, when you or anyone else channels magic from the leylines it has a temporary effect on the land around them and a permanent effect elsewhere.

Magic effecting the world has brought on huge political discussion. The views on magic range severely. Many believe magic is unnatural and was brought about the day monoliths rained, others believe that was just a catalyst and magic should be freed. Regardless of what the case may be there are many schools of anti-mage to deal with reckless casters.

The Council of Eleven was formed to police the monoliths. The council is formed by the best users of the following schools of magic: Air, Arcane, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Light, Metal, Void, Water, wood. While not tied to the monoliths, the top Anti-mage is also present.

Most people do not know what the monoliths do or who the Council of Eleven are, but you are among the chosen few. Protectors, bodyguards, apprentices and the like. You have been chosen as emissaries of the council and it is your job to quell war, rampant magic and mysteries that danger this world. Without working together it will be difficult.


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