Report to the Council

Requested report
Jennlen Graniteheart

As i am new to the 22nd group of emissaries for the Council i know little of what happened before i joined .

But after being told to join with the group by my elder and told what our mission was i followed the group as we were following the clues they had gathered before i joined .
After some time and dealings with others to find out where Turnslo Ravian was . we got a solid lead and went to discover if he was there after dealing with some dangerous wildlife and some traps . We encountered Turnslo Ravian and a few of his followers and captured him and made haste to bring him back to the Council.

After getting back to Lokarri Turnslo was dropped off for his crimes. And then the court proceedings with a bit of an uproar with one of our emissaries but that was quelled and Turnslo was taken for his punishment.

Me and the rest of the 22nd group of emissaries were in Lokarri gearing up to head out again and resting up for the night before we headed out when we heard the commotion and went to investigate. Guards were all over the place and as one of our members charged in Tessarian we all followed suit as they struck the first blow on us . So i defended myself by disarming them with my weapon until the fighting stopped. I think further training is need if not more discipline with your guards would have stopped this from happening in the first place.

Jennlen Graniteheart

To whom it may concern

Dear Ralder.

When I was a young orc, I was taken care of by my uncle is Wolfsburg. He was always the straight arrow of my family. He wanted me to study, get good grades in school, land a good job and raise a family. As such, he disapproved of a few my friendships and how I conducted myself on several occasions. I was punished more than once for a variety of reasons. But despite this I did not grow to resent my uncle. He always struck me as being one of the fairest people I have ever met. Whenever I was punished, he would explain clearly as to why this was the case. Whenever I was about to do something unorthodox, he always warned me as to how this could blow up in my face. And he always seemed a good judge of what I was and what I was not capable of. To use a tired phrase, he was tough but fair. And I always found myself understanding his side of things.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same things about the Council after today.

There are many things that I fail to understand about the reprimand that that both myself and my team was given today. I fail to understand why we were punished for casting magic ‘dangerously’ when we were in a serious combat situation and the town guard magi had already opened up with fire magic against the opposition. I fail to understand how a single group of emissaries were expected to stop a veteran team from escaping, especially given that both town guard and emissary forces were on stand by. I can safely understand that we ultimately have failed, but considering what we were up against, I believe that we did everything we could in the given circumstances.

Both myself and my team have spent a lot of time, blood and sweat into securing Turnslo Ravian. We are duty bound to capture him. We brought the man in after all. However, in the fight that broke out, the likelihood of friendly casualties was extremely high. More to the point, there was little point in continuing to fight after Turnslo had escaped through magical means that we were flatly unable to encounter.

And yet despite our best efforts we are punished and reprimanded because our efforts have been considered inappropriate and not enough. I fail to understand why. There appears to be a distinct lack of transparency here from the Council. I’m willing to believe that there is a completely fair and legitimate reason for what was given to us, but it most certainly does not feel so in the communications given.

Consider this an official complaint. I understand that at the end of the day writing this will be about as useful as pissing into the wind. However I am aware that myself and my team have been put under scrutiny. Consider myself and my team returning the favor.

Yours Sincerely.

Razimir Corrinder.

Report following escape of Turnslo Ravian
Reportee: Tessarian Urien

Dated 04 Jamux, 17th year of the Age of Troubles. Sunfall.


Start time: 29 Novenus, 16th year of the Age of Troubles. Midday

From the half-year since the appointment of the 22nd group of emissaries for the Council has arrived back in Lokarri due to the apprehension of the fugitive Turnslo Ravian, fallen apprentice of a grand magus and suspected terrorist.

With much effort due to investigations and distance Turnslo was found in a set of ruins a few days travel outside of a large city in Losan. Note relative distance from Water Monolith.

Arrival back in Lokarri was without any event and was brought directly to the council for persecution. I made the request to attend the trial in a moon’s time. Therefore my colleagues and I decided to wait until then. From personal information it was noted that particular details were either incorrect or not exact but the sentence of the crime was justified. However, due to Ashura’s outburst it was noted that the trial was not ‘proper’. Approach, however, was improper.

Razimer and Jennlen were source of information leaks to the press. A disciplinary may be required regarding Council business with press.

The group decided to finish our business regarding Turnslo and await his publicised execution in order to be witnesses. However, the attempt to break out was expected but success was not. His accomplices are noted to be council affiliated and appears that the fugitive does still have loyal connections within the organisation.

The combat was not premeditated and the decision was made as a semi-calculated, pre-emptive attack once area spells were involved between the accomplices and the guards. My intent was to neutralise their mage so order could be enforced. Reasoning:

  • If the guard mage/captain was told to stand down theirs may not follow
  • Area spells can have unforeseen collateral effects on the surrounding environment
  • Taking down their mage provides leverage on our end, as the guard mage can be told to stand down while Turnslo’s accomplices can be negotiated to surrender
  • Taking down one individual minimises the overall impact of the event

It seems our group was poorly suited to the encounter and further tactical training would be required. Additionally, if Turnslo’s connections were to further strengthen I would recommend being better equipped, trained or the group being re-arranged to better suit what other future allies Turnslo may deploy.


We found a dragon
Then shit goes down

The Elf hmph! corrupting the Oreads to suit his master’s purpose would have been a genius plan. They caught me while I was asleep and chained me down in their cavern to mar my hide. It would of worked too but this group of people came and saved me before the corruption took hold.

I don’t trust them. Many have Elven blood and few venture this way and so soon after the druid it is curious, but alas I didn’t have a choice. I did not want to reveal my lair, nor did I want them to take my life.

I find them amusing. I have been among them a short time and I see the light of the surface among them. They fail yet get back up, find ways around and make their own successes, They could not climb a wall, so they used a spiked rope. Only to decide to go the other way.

I cannot believe that these mortals would save me. As I entered the door something attacked me. A creation like nothing I have seen. They healed me… I feel close to something down here.. I think I have figured it out, we just need to break the ring!

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